We offer programs that educate our community about the partner organizations we work with in order to make deeper connections with the populations they serve. Together we give back in a hands-on way, to truly make a difference. Each program meets monthly from September through May, with additional give back opportunities offered each month. We work with a wide variety of partner organizations allowing our participants to choose where they want to focus their volunteering efforts based on their personal interests and passion.

We have a program for anyone who wants to make a difference in the community.

CCC participants are introduced to a different partner organization each month. They learn about the mission of the organization, the population they serve and the volunteer opportunities available. Then, they roll up their sleeves and do a hands-on project to give back and benefit that organization. Often times participants are given opportunities, or are inspired to go the next step on their own, to get more involved with our partner organizations. In addition, CCC creates larger give back events that bring all of our participants together in the name of giving back (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holidays, and our Dec My Dorm project). This often becomes a “family affair” as parents and teens (all participants in different CCC programs) come together to give back.

Our hope is that participants take their experiences back to their homes and share with their families about what they have learned…allowing these experiences to ignite new conversations around the dinner table, and the impact of giving back. 

CCC provides a foundation where like-minded people come together with the common goal of making a difference, and beautiful friendships are formed.

Women in Action has many different opportunities to give back. This group of dynamic and philanthropic women will meet over the course of 9 months from September through May. You will be introduced to local organizations making a difference in our community. You will also engage in meaningful hands-on projects to give back to these organizations.

Women in Action

Women's groups


As an almost empty nester, I was looking for ways to give back. Women In Action was a great resource to introduce me to wonderful volunteer opportunities and charitable organizations right in my own backyard! Lisa Kodimer lives a life of giving and she inspired us to do the same. What started out as a volunteer opportunity has led me to become CCC's Associate Program Director. Now I get to make a difference within the organization and throughout our community.

Women in Action was a great resource to introduce me to wonderful volunteer opportunities and charitable organizations right in my own back yard!

Phyllis Shinbane - Woman in Action Participant & Associate Program Director, CCC

Men's group

Men in Action

Men In Action brings together a group of dynamic and philanthropic men and allows them to roll up their sleeves and take a deeper dive into giving back. This group meets over the course of 9 months from September through May. The men are introduced to local organization(s) who are making a difference in our community. Each month the men engage in meaningful hands on projects to give back to organizations such as UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, Beit T'shuvah, Hope the Mission, Rancho San Antonio Boys Home and many more.


I have enjoyed being part of Men in Action in particular because of the ability to help others and to work closely with such a wonderful group of people. Connecting a Caring Community is committed to doing great things and it is inspiring to be part of such a passionate group of people looking to serve others.

Connecting a Caring Community is committed to doing great things and it is inspiring to be a part of it.

Adam Isrow - Men in Action Participant

This program was built to serve the special needs community. These young adults meet every month - one month they meet in our office and share a fun activity such as Bingo, a dance party, etc. Every other month they go out into the community for an outing which may include a scavenger hunt, bowling, dining and may include giving back to a partner organization. We believe it is just as important for these young adults to making a difference. Connecting with Friends are often joined by typical teens from our Connecting with Teens program, and together they build beautiful friendships.

special needs group


Connecting with Friends

My daughter Sophie has been involved in many different organizations that provide opportunities for children and young adults with disabilities, including Westhills Champions Baseball League. With the help of Lisa Kodimer, we were introduced to the Connecting with Friends program. Sophie has the opportunity to socialize with her peers and typical teen volunteers in a safe environment on a weekend evening. When Sophie is usually at home, while her sisters are out with friends, she now feels like a typical teenager and looks forward to her Saturday nights at Connecting with Friends with such excitement! Connecting with Friends is an absolute gift to our family!

Connecting with Friends is an absolute gift to our family!

Kellie Singer - Parent of a Special Need Friend


Connecting with Teens

Success in the real world takes more than just academic knowledge. Leaders have the skills to express themselves, get along with others, take responsibility, give back to their community and handle problems by making good decisions. Connecting with Teens is a unique Leadership Program designed to encourage teens to become proactive community members today and tomorrow. Connecting with Teens brings together like-minded peers who want to learn how to make a difference in their community while gaining important life skills.


My involvement with Connecting with Teens has been very important to me because it has allowed me to help others who are less fortunate. I have greatly enjoyed the lessons in leadership and my social skills that my peers and I have been offered through lectures and social interactions. A program like this is incredibly rare, and I am so glad to be part of it.

A program like this is incredibly rare, and I am so glad to be part of it!

Jacob - Teen Participant

Connecting with Teens has changed my ideas, realizing that helping others out and being there for them in times of need is the most important life lesson we need to know. It has also taught me to have more self confidence and not be afraid of who I am.

CCC has taught me to have more self confidence.

Dylan - Teen Participant


Companies in Action

Companies in Action was started out of a request from executives, owners of companies and corporation to create a program built around philanthropic activities and team building. CCC is committed to designing meaningful and personalized and give back projects for companies. We work with your company to design the project and facilitate the entire experience. Each event includes a presentation from one of our partner organizations, a meaningful hands-on project and a visit to meet and work with the population then they serve. Other options might include making a corporate donation to the organization, offer t-shirts and other marketing materials for the activity, planning meals for all participants and more. Each project is specially designed by CCC to meet the needs of the company and the partner organization.


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